Ship repair in Bremerhaven

The facility is perfectly situated in the Elbe-Weser Triangle, in the immediate vicinity of the ports along the rivers Elbe and Weser as well as the shipping routes in the North Sea. AC Magellan is a good point of call for all ships up to a width of 29 meters. Special repairs require a particularly high de- gree of exibility. Good team work and short communication channels guarantee our customers a reduced waiting time. We have over 1050 m2 of manufacturing capacity as well as 2500 m2 of open-space storage our production hall is equipped with a variable layout for the steel and stainless steel segments. In addition to the large-scale facilities, the site also houses our of ces and administration in our 120-m2 administrative center.

Our clients receive an appropriate and individual project management, and a timely execution of their orders. Thanks to our mobile repair services, we can promptly respond to specific needs. If necessary, one of our technicians will go on board the ship. This is especially important in the prepa- ration or completion of a series of repairs.

We are able to be on site in any European port within 72 hours to begin the necessary repairs. In the area of on-site repair services, we offer the following high and low water ship repair.

  • Above-water hull repairs
  • Above-water welding on hull and pipes
  • Repair of hatch covers and hydraulic cylinders
  • Repair of pressure and non-pressure vessels
  • Repair of marine engines

If necessary we will send our riding team so the vessel can remain in trade and schedule

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