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Ship building

Shipbuilding and ship repair in Bremerhaven has begun in 1827 and has developed into a major industry since. Situated at the mouth of the river Weser and only a short distance away from the North Sea, it became a place, where potential customers could carry out repairs and/or shipyard operations with only little interruptions of vessel ́s schedules. The founder of the AC Magellan GmbH began his comprehensive education and training of the shipbuilding trade at one of the most successful shipyards in Bremerhaven and has constantly developed and trained his skills.

Since the day AC Magellan was founded, the company has developed dynamically. Starting as a company carrying out ship repairs we have grown and diversified to a world-wide operating group of associated companies in the maritime business, successfully carried out by well-trained employees – who are the backbone of our company. As a part of this we established PT-Shipmanagement in Hamburg, operating 12 multi-purpose-/container-ships of a size between 5000 and 12000 BRZ in world-wide trade. This has widened the range of the maritime activities of AC Magellan, but more activities in this sector are in the process of developing.

But Bremerhaven is not the only place, where AC Magellan can offer the services to our customers. Meanwhile we have a most competitive position in Tuzla/Turkey next to Istanbul, which is a good strategic location almost in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. This shipyard has developed continuously over the years, and now we are operating three dry-docks as well as a wide range of workshops and associated companies to fulfill all requirements of our customers. During dry-docking periods all necessary activities – apart from usual shipyard tasks – like load tests for cranes, overhauling of life-saving appliances, mechanical and/or electrical overhauling of machines will be carried out by daughter companies in a highly professional way and with a maximum of quality. Furthermore we are able to render full-style agency services, transportation and ship sup- plies to the satisfaction of our customers.

A strong team of professionals has made it its mission to support international customers reasonably and reliably in the long term. And yet, our main target is to improve our performance permanently. We consider your vessel as to be our vessel, your problem as to be our problem, thus we act as the vessel ́s superintendent and/or consultants with third parties – especially Classication Societies – for the bene t of vessels and owners. For the further future our aim is to operate up to ve shipyards world-wide to have a global coverage. The expansion of our activities has the positive side-effect, that all necessary actions to be taken are “in one hand”, which enables us to create tailor-made solutions for the requirements our customers may have.

For us: The journey for AC Magellan has not come to an end yet

Certified quality

The company AC Magellan GmbH is a GL-certified company with a focus on steel-pipe construction, repair and maintenance work in the shipbuilding sector.